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The link between experience and innovation

Flexibility, speed, quality.
Because meeting your needs is our mission.

We build trusting relationships with customer, because we believe in solid, forward-looking relationships. 
We grow with you, visiting you in person, to seek the best solution together.
Our goal is to meet your technical and business needs with speed and quality, providing first-class materials in maximum safety.

We are part of a group.
Because together we are even more efficient.

An overall vision, which sees us even more industrious and efficient, enables the continuous development of solutions that meet the growing needs of the markets in which we operate. Today, being an integral part of a Group, we are able to offer a wide range of products and services through effective and tailored solutions aligned with the highest and most demanding expectations. 

Our products:
Forged in accordance with the highest quality standards

We specialize in producing rolled rings supplied in rectangular or shaped sections in accordance with your design, as well as making flanges, forged discs and other free-forging parts.

The wide range of products includes seamless rolled rings. Rings and flanges rolled without any seams, rectangular or shaped. We can also consider supplying smaller and smaller pieces upon request.

Among the wide range of products, RTD Forge offers rough and finished forged flanges. Forged products such as discs, dies, and other details of open die forgings to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Areas of application

Our experience is constantly enriched by daily engagement in various important application areas on a global scale.

Certified Quality

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we guarantee the required degree of certification through attended or unattended testing.

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