Fields of application

Unrivalled experience.

Our experience is constantly enriched by our daily commitment in several different and important fields of application on a global site.

General Mechanics
​For General Mechanics we can supply:
- pulleys and hubs for winches
- hydraulic motors
- servomechanisms
- other components of machinery

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Power Generation
For Power Generation we can supply:
- steam and gas turbines
- nuclear power plants
- hydro power plants
- wind power plants

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Transmission Sector
​For Transmission Sector we can supply:
- gear wheels and slewing bearings
- naval cranes
- crane trucks
- cranes for the building industry
- excavators
- speed reduction gears and overdrives
- wind turbines

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Oil & Gas
For Surface Applications we can supply:
- Bodies
- Closures
- Balls
- Oil tools
- Flanges
- Riser flanges
- Connectors pin and box
For Deep Water we can supply:
- Connectors
- Riser flanges
- Submarine well-heads

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